Black Hand Vacation

Black Hand Vacation

Neiko Adventure Saga Book 3

Coming January 2018

About This Book

When someone else’s demons come back to haunt you.

A new threat from an old, dormant enemy resurfaces to shake the foundations of Hawote. Neiko finds that she is next on their target list…

While Ramesses’ ka haunts her after leaving him and ancient Egypt, Neiko faces old and new dangers in both Hawote and the Five Lands. She conceals lethal, ancient secrets while she and her friends foil one scheme after another with narrow escapes. Just when she thought her life couldn’t get any more complicated, her mentor’s old enemy poses a new threat.

After twenty-five years, the Black Hand sweeps across Hawote, avenging the supposed death of their previous overlord. Death threats and disappearing youth are just the beginning. Once Neiko has been targeted, she is put into hiding under her mentor’s watchful eye with a vacation as a cover. Will Neiko have a quiet vacation with a bit of rest and relaxation? Yeah right. That’s when the fun really begins…